Welcome to this week’s blog. We’re sharing a fact about the Falkirk Wheel. This iconic landmark is the only rotating boat lift of its kind in the world. In our eyes, this is a magnificent design. It’s a great example of how thinking differently can achieve outstanding results – both practically and aesthetically. The Wheel stands at 24m in height and separates two canals. It is a fully functional pair of locks and replaces a series of 11 locks. Previously it would have taken a whole day to pass through.

Lead Architect Tony Kettle originally modeled the mechanism using Lego! Fast forward and now the impressive structure comprises over 15,000 bolts and 12,000 tonnes of steel. What do you see when you look at the wheel? Do you see a canal system or something beyond that? Perhaps a double-headed Celtic axe, the propeller of a ship, or the ribcage of a whale? Or maybe something completely different! However, all of these are inspirations for the design.

Either way, we’re impressed with the engineering and creativity surrounding the Falkirk Wheel. With over thirty years of mechanical design experience, our client base is massively varied. We work with independent clients to develop their ideas further, like the musician who’s visiting us this week. Plus we work with international manufacturing companies who need extra design capacity and everyone in between! By working with you, we can think differently about how to achieve your dream design.

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