For this week’s fact, our inspiration comes from the Olympics. The intention is for the relay torch and the Olympic flame to burn for the duration of the event. The masterfully crafted torches are highly capable of achieving this. Yet if the flame goes out, it can only be reignited with a backup flame. And not any old flame will suffice; this must have been lit in Greece. So wherever the torch goes, the backup lantern follows.

With the many Olympic-related facts to choose from, we opt for this one to remind us of the importance of having a backup. It can be painstaking to lose work because it hasn’t been saved. Not having job to hand in your moment of need is also costly to your business. However, the good news is we can help to minimise this concern for you.

Unlike other CAD businesses, we promise to send you the native Solidworks data on request. We do this at no additional cost. The benefit is you have the data for your records and future use. In line with data protection guidelines, we will store the data securely. Rather than starting from scratch, we can develop existing data, potentially both a money and a time saver. As we use the most up-to-date versions of Solidworks, we always create CAD models compatible with your Solidworks release. Again this helps to give our clients confidence that we create effective CAD data.

If you’d like to ignite a flame with us and learn more about our expert CAD services – please get in touch.

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