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Did you know the world’s first cast-iron bridge was built here in the UK? The Iron Bridge in Shropshire opened in 1781 and is a major influence on bridge designs globally.

The history of the bridge suggests it was quite a team effort to design, fund and construct. As with many engineering projects, communication plays a big part in the overall success. I enjoy speaking about projects and finding out what our clients need. As one projects finishes this week, conversations about a new idea are underway. I take pride in our communication skills and am delighted our client’s value of this in our service. You can read a little more about what they say about us on our website.

Video Call with a Client

I think lockdown is a tester of communication. We glean a lot from face-to-face meetings and I hope there will be more happening as things ease. That said, Zoom calls are now the norm and the technology we have enables us to work from anywhere and with anyone. Our design programme SolidWorks is highly compatible with our clients’ systems and we can share detailed information by a click of a button – this week it was a client in Newcastle, over 300 miles away from the office. With another click here you can see our drawings in action. How times have changed since 1781 when Pritchard sent this friend a letter sharing his project idea!

This history of the bridge suggests it was constructed of 1700 individual components, all cast individually to fit with discrepancies of a couple of centimetres between identical parts – a far cry from the mm margins we now provide. The Iron Bridge has had several upgrades and restorations over the years. It’s another good reminder of how engineering masterpieces and advances in technology enable us to improve and innovate designs.

The Iron Bridge is now on my list of places to visit. The significance of the bridge has earnt recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site and I am intrigued to see it in situ. There are several other engineering feats on the list and other any suggestions welcomed!

In the meantime, we look forward to working with you and playing a key role in your project. Please get in touch to find out more.

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