Installing SolidWorks 2018White Horse CAD like to keep ahead of the game with software and hardware developments. We are in the process of installing SolidWorks 2018 so we can investigate the new functionality. The new productivity tools and bundled¬† 2.5D CAM capability are going to give White Horse CAD a real edge and may even lead to us offering some new services… So watch this space.

Space Pilot ProWe have also invested in a “Space Pilot Pro” 3D mouse which allows us to create stunning 3D designs more efficiently. This little gadget increases our productivity by putting the most used SolidWorks functionality at our finger tips. If you are designing in a 3D space… you definitely need a Space Pilot Pro.

But we are also backwards compatible

White Horse CAD appreciates that others may not be so quick to adopt SolidWorks 2018. To many of our clients keeping file compatibility with earlier releases of SolidWorks is more important than having the most up-to-date version. Our SolidWorks licence gives us access to versions of SolidWorks from 2014 through to the latest release. This gives us the flexibility to work with our clients native SolidWorks data and maintain full compatibility with whichever version of SolidWorks our clients need.

If you would like to know a little bit more about us or have an unmet product design or CAD requirement please contact us.