Welcome to our first blog for September.

Drainage Solution

To be honest, we’re not too sure where August went! It’s busy, fulfilling multiple client projects just how we like. With plenty of projects to work on, it’s an exciting time to have a new member joining the WHC team. We’ll share more in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here’s a taster of recent work:


  • An interesting project designing a curved slotted drainage solution, that’s approx. 200m long and contains nearly 400 individual components for an engineering firm.


  • A mechanical and electrical routing service project for visualising the location of ductwork, pipes, and electrical services for a building company.


  • The 3D printer is in action recreating obsolete parts for a vehicle.


  • Bespoke packaging

    Reverse Engineering to reproduce sheet metal components. PDF drawings & 3D data are all set for manufacturing using SolidWorks.


  • Designing bespoke packaging for specialist equipment that’s secure, space, and cost-effective.



These are just some examples of the services we provide. It’s not an exhaustive list; you can find more info on our website. Our design work spans the full spectrum of industries, including specialist clients from the medical, healthcare, agriculture, electrical, and energy sectors.

If you have a design requirement, please get in touch, and we look forward to discussing how we can take your idea forward.