When I hear the name Nintendo I recall patiently waiting for my turn on the Game Boy – this passed as soon as it came! Most recently, I’m baffled by how a five-year-old trumps me playing tennis on the Wii! Either way, it’s not what Nintendo first sold when they started in 1889. So what did they sell? Cue this week’s Friday Fun Fact… Mr Yamauchi (Nintendo founder) began manufacturing playing cards in Kyoto, Japan.

The company evolved from playing cards to the devices and games we know today. The purpose of providing interactive games feels the same, yet technological advances mean these now come in very different forms from the early days.

So why this fact? The growth of Nintendo shows the importance of staying ahead of the curve, knowing your audience, and having a purpose for what you want to achieve. These are some of the questions we ask our clients to help with the design process. Through conversations, we translate their ideas into accurate engineering drawings. Adding a specification to the designs is clear in preparation for manufacturing. It’s also been exciting to transfer knowledge of technology to other products to develop cutting-edge medical equipment. We’ve worked on these projects from the beginning, so seeing them progress this week is excellent. Keep an eye out for more details to follow.

Whether starting from scratch or part way through your project, we provide the expertise to help get your designs over the line. You can find out more about our design process on our website. We’re always happy to take a call, too, so please do get in touch.

This week marks a year since the first lockdown. There are challenges, but we are fortunate to continue with our business. We’re thankful for our technology helping us keep in touch with our clients regardless of location and share work through secure channels. We continue to adapt, and we thank you for your ongoing support. We’re hopeful for brighter times ahead and look forward to working with you soon. What will your following product be?

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