For this week’s Fun Fact Fact, we turn to Nokia. Now known as a world-famous mobile phone maker, Nokia’s roots started in something entirely different. Any ideas?

They were originally founded as a pulp mill and are famous for selling toilet paper. Fast forward 150 years, and the company has operated in various industries. We, too work with a wide range of industries. We like the variation and challenges this brings. Look at our website for insight into some industries we work with. Please get in touch to see how we help to deliver your next project.

Technology is vital to us to ensure we provide the best and most effective service possible. As demonstrated with SolidWorks again this week. Combined with over 40 years of experience, Solidworks delivers an outstanding level of accuracy for designs. See for yourself by clicking here! Most recently, SolidWorks has been helping us figure out the packaging requirements. With our client and items for packaging in Yorkshire, it’s been a really handy tool to figure out what’s needed when it’s not to hand. The client is also happy as we’re finding cost-effective solutions by experimenting with the dimensions to keep the costs down and reduce waste packaging.

Our 3D printer is also in action, creating these ‘Benchys’. They may look like nice little boats, but there is more to them than meets the eye. These are known tests for the 3D printer. The design has geometric features like portholes to challenge the printer. As you can see, our printer and software have passed. With layers correct, the printing is spot on. It’s a great way to print parts for anything from design evaluation to low-volume production. We always welcome a conversation, so please get in touch to see how you could benefit from our 3D printing service.

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