It’s time for our Friday Fact…

Let’s start by setting the scene… it’s the 1980s, some questionable fashion choices and great tunes on the workshop radio. I had just started my career in engineering and learning my trade. Lots of hands-on tools and machines to get to grips with and apply with accuracy.

Even with a fully equipped workshop, it was unlikely to have to drill a hole less than 0.2mmØ back then. Fast – forward to the present and with technical advances it is now possible to drill the smallest of holes that are less than 30 microns Ø, holes smaller than a human hair. Incredible precision I think you will agree! An incredible impact on engineering too, particularly in the design of medical devices. We also like the inspired smallest working drill from a fellow 3D print enthusiast!

As we see, such technology opens up all kinds of possibilities for life-changing products. Medical Device is a broad field and one that always excites us. Instruments, implants for a general and specific surgery, aftercare – we design and create for all elements. And we don’t stop there. A client recently approached us having identified the need for a new piece of surgical equipment. By listening to the professionals who know exactly what they need for the surgery to work, we’re able to apply our design knowledge to get this product right. Again we’re thankful for technology, meaning we can keep the conversations going and work progressing regardless of current restrictions.

So be it an idea, a design or a request for a 3D print we are here to help. What design needs do you foresee? We believe we’re the experts when it comes to medical product design. Our clients’ comments will assure you of that plus those from the variety of other industries we work with too. Please take a look at our website to find out more about how we can help you or get in touch to discuss your projects – 01373 801803.

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