Welcome to our first blog post of 2021. Let’s start by sharing a Fun Friday Fact …. ‘In the 1920s, newly hired engineers at General Electric would be told, as a joke, to develop a frosted lightbulb. The experienced engineers believed this to be impossible. In 1925, newly hired Marvin Pipkin got the assignment, not realizing it was a joke, and succeeded.’

Why this fact? Fast-forward 100 years and many things have changed – technology and equipment, to name a few. Yet here at White Horse CAD, we share the same belief that nothing is impossible in the engineering world. Our innovation and creativity are evident in our patents, and we look forward to working on projects with clients (existing and new alike) in the coming months.
Since January is the month of new resolutions, I hear from others about their intentions to finish the small jobs to make way for the bigger ones. We can help put some ticks on your list with accurate and prompt drawings, models, and 3D prints. As our services are all provided in-house, we can pick up and complete those projects for you, from design concepts to finalised drawings. Please get in touch to learn more about our full product design and print services.

Perhaps you have an old frosted lightbulb, relic, or product without drawings? Our reverse engineering may be of interest. We can scan your existing item to create high-quality drawings. The accuracy between the drawings and model is impressive – around 0.15mm. That’s one benefit as to why our clients use these services to adapt designs when original drawings aren’t available and for better quality images in promotional materials.

With increased demand to view and shop online, the quality of product images is ever important. Our 3D scanner gives a full 360 view that shows off your product. See for yourself on our reverse engineering page and let us know if we can help to showcase your work.

Lastly, we are hosting our free community quiz starting tonight. We hope it offers some light relief on a Friday evening during lockdown so please get involved if you fancy it – the more, the merrier! See our events page for more details.