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Making the impossible possible

Published by Tim on

3D Printing makes the impossible possible….

This 3D printed folding phone holder is a great example of a product that can be 3D printed, but not made using conventional machine tools.

The holder is printed as a single piece, with a working hinge. When folded flat it is less than 6mm thick.  There are no manufacturing process that can could create this from a single piece of material.. but 3D printing makes the impossible possible. and not just for Nik-naks like this phone holder…

  • Obsolete parts (things money cant buy)
  • Complex geometries
  • Specialist tooling & fixtures
  • Art work
  • and so much more…

White Horse CAD are experts in 3D printing. We have in-house FDM and SLA printing capacity… we can design and 3D print a wide variety of parts, prototypes, tooling and a whole lot more, if you would like to know more about our 3D printing technologies take a look here

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