Design Teams are often focused on delivering business critical high value projects. White Horse CAD are here to help and support your design team at the times when they need us the most.



Sometimes you may need an extra pair of hands for a couple of days to help meet an important project deadline.
Keeping Focus
Perhaps your team are so focused on the next big project. That keeping up with day to day tasks is becoming increasingly difficult. We can help with those important drawing updates, or the cost reduction exercise that always gets put off. Or anything that your team should be doing.. but don’t quite have the time because the main project is keeping them fully occupied
Sickness Cover
Sometimes a project will stall if a member of staff is on long term sick leave, or has been called away to look after a family member. White Horse CAD can step into the roll so that you can keep your promises

These are just some of the ways White Horse CAD can help your design team. If you would like to know more please send us an email or give us a call.

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