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How do you use your time?

Published by Tim on

Today’s post is a little different… I have invested in a gadget that is changing how I work, so i thought I would write a blog post about it.

Do you find yourself asking.. How long did I spend working on “Project X” for “Client Y”? Do you know how productive you are? Do you know how long you spend every week on certain tasks?

Until recently I didn’t know exactly where my time was going in the week so I decided to invest in a Timeula Tracker.  It really helps me to keep focused on the task in hand. If I need to start another task, I simply turn over the device and track another activity, no writing in a diary, or jotting on a scrap of paper. This small gadget is changing how I work! I can now track time spent on each project to the minute, or see how many hours a week I spend on emails. or phone calls.

Of course the flip side of knowing how you spend your time is that you can also highlight what you are not doing… During the first week I tracked ZERO minutes on Marketing and over 8 hours on email.

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