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White Horse CAD Limited is officially 1 year old!

When I say 1 year old, I mean, its been a full your since a new business idea became a reality and White Horse CAD became a Limited company. As some of you know we didn’t open our doors for trading until August 15th, but that just gives an excuse for another celebration in the summer!

I have learnt SO much about running a business in the last 12 months it is unbelievable. Every day really has been a school day… Lets do this as a fun List….

  • June 2017
    • Set up the company (spent some money)
      • Well, pay an accountant to set it up for me….
  • July 2017
    • Register domain names. (spent some money)
    • Create a fabulous website. (spent some money)
    • Design business cards and flyers (spent some money)
    • Opened a business bank account.
      • Who knew how long that would take! 2 weeks… I just wanted to start the ball rolling!
    • Spent some more money
  • August 2017
    • First things first… lets have 2 weeks in the sun…
      • No point being stressed on the first day of work… a much needed holiday was in order…
    • Open for Trading on the 15th… Whoooooop. Very excited, but very scared
      • It may sound like a strange date to open for business, but it would have been my Mums Birthday… So to me it was very  fitting…
      • I spent the first few months working out of my home office, with a virtual office in Trowbridge
    • Spent some more money (software & Hardware)
    • Waiting for first client….
      • Networking (spent some money)
      • Visiting contacts
      • Knocking on doors
  • September 2017
    • Yes! we have our first client… (Earned some money)
    • Still networking, still knocking on doors
  • October 2017
    • 4 clients… in the same month… that is just crazy talk!!! (Earned some money)
  • November & December 2017
    • Where have all the clients gone?
    • Squeaky bum time!
    • Lots of networking, Lots of door knocking (spent some money)
  • January 2018
    • New Year… New Customers Whooooop (Earned some money)
  • February 2018
    • Lots of networking (spent some MORE money)
    • No clients this month…..

Time for a little breather… Now, to be honest by the time I got to the end of January I was starting to feel a little nervous, I had even considering giving up. But, I was determined to make a go of this…. so I doubled my efforts, knuckled down and got into some more networking and some more door knocking. I was starting to learn something….

Customers don’t come looking for you… you have to go find them!

There was a pattern forming.. I hadn’t noticed it at this point… But… What a difference a month makes…..

  • March & April 2018
    • Clients… EVERYWHERE….
    • Yes all that networking was finally paying off!!! (Earned some serious money)
  • May 2018
    • Another new client… (Earned some money)
    • Move in to a shared office in Trowbridge (spent some money)
  • June 2018
    • A few good orders, but things are slowing down again… (Earned some money)
      • 3 months ago this would have worried me, but I have realised whats happening. There is a pattern of peaks and troughs. caused by not networking when I am working and not working when I am networking
      • I need to find a balance between networking/marketing and working….

So there we have it… the first year in business for White Horse CAD Limited… Its been a real roller coaster… but I am so pleased I stuck at it… I have learnt a few things….

    1. Starting a business is hard work!
    2. Working hard pays off!
    3. Its just as important to relax as it is to work!
    4. You do not know how strong you are until you test yourself!
    5. Nothing exciting ever happens in your comfort zone!
    6. Don’t forget to network when you are busy…. otherwise you will peak and trough (Lesson learnt)
    7. NEVER sell to people when your networking, you will only push them away.
    8. Build relationships with people… they will come to you when they are ready, but only if they Know, Like and Trust you….
    9. Word of mouth is the BEST form of advertising in the world!
    10. Did i mention…. Starting a business is hard work!

You have to work hard to get results… It took me a little while to work out that people wouldn’t come to me, I had to go and find them…..

So here we are… one year on…. Would I change anything? No, not a single thing… The journey has been interesting. Its been uncomfortable at times… but… its been the best ride of my life, and I am not ready to get off just yet…. So move over everyone… Make way for White horse CAD Limited… I have a feeling you are going to be hearing a LOT more about us in the future…..

What does the future hold?

More hard work, more learning and hopefully a new office… all to myself to start with…. but I have set myself some goals I would like to achieve in the second year….

Goal #1 Move into a private office
Goal #2 Employ someone to help with the day to day running of the business.

and a stretch goal….

Goal #3 Take on the first member of my design team….

I am aiming high… I may miss, but I will not know if I never try!

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