White Horse CAD can quite literally flatten your products… in a good way of course….

Unless you have spent a few years in a sheet metal workshop you will have more than a few problems when it comes to creating flat pattern developments for complex, or even very simple geometry.

There is a minefield of problems that most people just don’t think about, bend allowances, corner radii or something as basic as standard sheet thicknesses.


If your are designing a sheet metal product you need to get in touch with White Horse CAD and ask to talk to Tim. He started his career as a sheet metal worker and spent years on the shop floor developing his skills. This means he really understand your problems. Tim has been using SolidWorks for over 20 years so can easily help turn your concept into a very smart looking 3D model and even 2D engineering drawings and of course a flat pattern.


Creating a flat pattern for this sheet metal part would be a challenge, even for a skilled sheet metal worker. But the power of SolidWorks means even complex geometry such as this square to round transition can be turned into a flat pattern….



Not only will SolidWorks flatten your products, it will tell you where to fold it and what angle to fold it…

If you would like to know how White Horse CAD can help you create Amazing products in sheet metal that can be manufactured cost effectively.. Contact us, and Ask for Tim’s help…

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