This weeks blog post is something a little different but it nicely reflects what we have been working on for our clients this month.

We have spent the month creating hundreds and hundreds of engineering drawings for our clients. While a lot of our clients understand engineering drawings and the standards we work to, some clients have never seen an engineering drawing before.

Although many aspects of engineering drawings are covered by quality standards, it’s surprising how much things vary from company to company, every company has their own set of rules.

We are always happy to work to your own company drawing standards, but if you don’t have a standard yet, or would like to see how we do things when left to our own devices you can download a copy of the “White Horse CAD drawing standards” document by filling in the form below.

The 4-page document defines how we create drawings and the templates we use. Each page is a different size, starting with an A1 page that has lots of information and finishing with an A4 sheet that only contains a little bit of information.

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