If you have an idea for a sheet metal component you would like to manufacture White Horse CAD can help you create 3D models and 2D pattern developments of anything from simple covers through to complex forms.

This is an example of a relatively simple sheet metal cover. It has a number of bends that need to be done in the correct sequence to allow it to be produced. We can take a sketch of your sheet metal product and create 3D geometry and a flat pattern… We can even add a few holes and extra bends if you reed them.

The image gallery below shows various folded and flat pattern versions of this cover and demonstrates how we can take your concept and turn it into a production-ready item.


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However, we all know that occasionally we need to create objects that are a little more complex. Cylinders, cones, and transitions between different shapes can take a long time to calculate manually. But when you model the geometry in an industry-standard CAD program, flat patterns for even the most complex components can be generated with relative ease.

The gallery below demonstrates various folded and flat pattern versions of rolled or complex geometry we can create from your concept sketch. This geometry can then be converted to a flat pattern development that can be cut and formed using our supplied engineering drawings.


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