Our Friday Fact is one of accidental discovery. In 1938 Chemist Roy Plunkett was researching alternative gasses for refrigerators.

In doing so, he discovered polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Teflon®. Heat tolerance and stick resistance have become essential coating for various items from aerospace equipment to cookware.

Why this fact? Well, we like how this accidental discovery contributes to the design of many other items. We like how it highlights the need to understand materials in design, both the benefits and limitations. This understanding is of paramount importance in our work too.

Plus, it’s a handy prompt …
Are you researching ideas? Or looking for an alternative to a product you need to adapt?

If so, we are here to help with mechanical design and contract CAD. We will listen to you to understand what you want to achieve with the design. With over forty years of engineering experience, we know the questions to ask. We often have the answers when needed too! We are confident in producing high-quality and detailed drawings by listening to your brief. This is made all the easier with our primary design tool SolidWorks. Look at our short video to see the level of accuracy we provide in our drawings. Don’t worry it’s been sped up!

So, be it from scratch, partway through your project, or if, like Plunkett, it’s an accidental discovery, we provide the expertise to get your designs over the line. This week we’re working alongside a team to provide extra design capacity. SolidWorks has become it’s own again as we work with any release from 2014 to the most recent version making us highly compatible with any system. Our role is to help your team of SolidWorks users to create detailed CAD data. We can be your sole designer or an extension of your team. It’s a conversation we look forward to having with you, so please get in touch to see how we can benefit your work.