This week I had a surprise and urgent call from a client. He said he needed some mechanical design help and had seen our website. He runs a long-established worldwide, overnight delivery service. The decades of deliveries and increased demand have taken their toll on his unique equipment. They are based somewhere in the north, although he was vague about the exact location. We’re no strangers to working with clients remotely so this wasn’t a problem.

Could I help at this late hour? Could his pending unmoveable deadline be met in time? I spoke to my client’s engineers, whom he calls his ‘little helpers,’ to develop some magical improvements. We doubled his load-carrying capacity yet halved the “take-off” weight. These guys don’t appear to be constrained by the laws of physics as we know them.

CAD packaging

They were happy for some help with packaging calculations as they had a ‘considerable’ amount of boxes to fill and were unsure how much would fit it.

The engine appeared a little outdated, but my suggestions for improvements fell on deaf ears. The helpers insist Rudolph, who I assume is their chief mechanic, has everything under control. They say he’s a little busy at the moment and may return to this when his schedule quietens down.


The helpers are working day and night to implement the changes, and I am happy to report that Friday’s scheduled delivery service will go out as planned – phew! Another happy client and one I could definitely feel a sense of relief from.

So that’s another project wrapped up for this year. 2021 has obviously had its ups and downs but we’ve been fortunate work on some great projects and we would like to thank our clients for their ongoing support. We hope you all have an enjoyable festive break and look to catching up in the New Year.