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Welcome to this week’s blog.

We’re full steam ahead into February.

Our large wallplanner is proving to be a handy visual for important dates this year. Let us know if you’d like one for your office and we’ll post it to you.

How about you?

Is your focus on a current project or are you looking at longer-term work over the coming months?

Either way, we can provide the expertise and capacity to help the completion of your projects. With over thirty years of experience, we know time is of the essence when it comes to designing and manufacturing. As well as time, there are cost implications when on a deadline.

Be assured, White Horse CAD can help you meet your targets. For some clients, we provide extra capacity when their in-house teams are swamped. For others, we take on the full design process from the initial concept through to liaising with manufacturers.


Here’s a reminder of what we do:

  1. Detailed engineering drawing

    Design innovative solutions to solve new product development problems.

  2. Create 3D CAD models for new product ideas to aid visualisation or produce CNC tool paths from a sketch.
  3. Make 3D CAD assemblies to evaluate how individual components interact.
  4. Produce detailed engineering drawings for manufacturers to make your product.
  5. Advice on possible manufacturing routes for your product.
  6. Design test fixtures to aid your product verification and validation process.
  7. 3D Printing of a prototype of your new product (FDM) to evaluate form fit and function.
  8. Design special purposes tooling and production equipment.
  9. Perform overview Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to evaluate design suitability.
  10. Creation of 2D & 3D visualisations to sell your idea e.g. workshop layouts, emergency access maps, and room re-fits.

So as you’ve just read, we can provide a number of services although this isn’t an exhaustive list!  Visit our website for more info or give us a call to talk through your design needs and ideas 01373 801 803. 



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