This week we’re working on prototypes. Therefore, it feels like a timely reminder about the benefits of using our 3D printing service.

Sometimes the best way to evaluate a design is to make and physically test it. Our 3D printing is an effective way to make this happen.

Questions such as ‘is it comfortable to hold’ or ‘does protect the components as intended’ are more easily answered with a 3D printed prototype. Physically handling the product, strengths and weaknesses are assessed ahead of the final production. Plus, it’s a great visual aid to imagine what the final design will be. Your target audience can test out and give vital feedback on the look and feel. Some of the best design suggestions and realisations come from people having products in their hands. It’s that simple.

So, there you have the benefits of using 3D printing for prototypes. There are numerous 3D printing services out there. Costs vary, and we’re aware that we are on the more expensive side. Yet, we hold firm that our costs reflect the high-quality print and service. Why is that?

  • We guarantee to print within 0.5mm – in the unlikely event we don’t get this right, we will replace the model for free.
  • All our 3D printing is done in-house, giving us absolute control.
  • We have a track record of successful 3D printing and happy clients. And they return to us. Why? Because we produce 3D models of the highest standard and deliver on time.

Keyring and Bottle Openers

You can see for yourself in the image to the left the level of accuracy and intricacy in our prototypes. These are bottle openers and a keyring in the middle. These are fully functioning 3D models demonstrating strength as well as looks. Prototypes are a vital part of the product design process. A little extra spent on this can reap big savings in manufacturing and time further down the line. Could you be our next happy client? Please get in touch to talk through your design requirements.

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