How are White Horse CAD Limited going to deliver their services?

T minus 2 Days: The countdown to launch day continues….
White Horse CAD Limited is born from a passion to exceed every customers expectations and we strive to deliver our services in a professional manner, on budget and within the agreed timeframe.

From a logistics perspective… We will endeavour to deliver our services in the format that best suits our customers requirements. Each client will be different, but they will all have access to a personalised, secure customer portal; where they can share electronic files and exchange comments via our secure chat feature. If you do not have electronic files to share with us, or you would prefer to transfer documents in an other way, thats fine. We are happy to receive printed materials, use your own FTP server, or meet face to face to discuss your requirements. and transfer data. Whichever way you choose to interact with us we will deliver your projects in many different file formats, including, but not limited to….

  • Native CAD (2D & 3D)
  • Industry standard 3D file formats, (IGS, Paradolid, Step, STL )
  • Electronic documentation in industry standard formats such as (PDF, DOC, XLS, Ai, Ps, and many more)


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