CAD … it’s an acronym that many of us are accustomed. But do you know CAD, aka ‘Computer Aided Design’ was coined in 1959 by Douglas Ross, a computer scientist? It’s a timely, Fun Fact following a recent conversation with a new client about what we do it.

Fast forward 60-plus years and virtually every new product starts life in some form of CAD software. Our confidential agreements often mean we can’t reveal the products we’re working on. But we can share more about our CAD service and the benefits – so here goes!

Firstly why use CAD? Using Premiere Solidworks Software we can draw an entire model enabling you to visualise what it will look like. This gives a super accurate representation of properties like scale, materials and colour. It aids the development of prototypes and refinement of the produce ahead of manufacturing. We receive requests for all sorts of things! For example, we’re working on testing rig components, orthopaedic parts, and bespoke noticeboards! Quite a mixture, but we like the variety!

This enforces the earlier point that CAD is at the forefront of new products. Ideas come to us from clients at varying levels of design and from a wide range of industries. As we charge per minute over contracts over two hours, you benefit by only paying for the time spent on your project. With the latest technology and software, we also provide secure sharing and storage of drawings. Here’s a brief video showing our CAD work’s attention to detail and accuracy. Please get in touch to discuss your next CAD project on 01373 801 803.