Good morning, we hope you’re having a good week.

Tim Bird

“It is no exaggeration to say that without Tims’ input the final manufactured product would have been seriously inferior to the one he has delivered. When it comes to future product designs Tim will be our man!”
Planet Lighting Limited

It’s a busy one here with numerous projects on the go – just how we like it!

Our client base includes the full spectrum of industries, including medical, healthcare, agriculture, electrical, and energy sectors.

Some are happy clients returning with new work and you can read why on our website. Whereas others are new to White Horse Computer Aided Design (CAD), either by recommendation or like what they see via our info packs, website, or social media. If you know anyone looking for contract CAD expertise please share these links with them.

Tim’s enjoying getting out to see our clients and discuss their requirements. Some are manufacturers and these visits are helpful to see how they operate. It helps to build on our extensive knowledge of the whole product development cycle and how we can create cost-effective solutions for them. Here are some examples of our current work:

  • Producing a replacement machine part using our 3D printer
  • Designing a protective electronics enclosure
  • Developing mobility equipment

Due to confidentially, we can’t reveal too much! However, with over thirty-five years experience in mechanical engineering and product design, we have plenty we can discuss with you! As a reminder, we can work solely on a project or we can be an extension of your team. We can provide extra capacity during busy times and pressing deadlines, with competitive hourly rates.

Please get in touch to find out how White Horse CAD can achieve your design goals – 01373 801 803