Things are moving pretty fast here at White Horse CAD.

We have been doing lots of networking and meeting prospective clients and starting to work on some interesting design projects.

SolidWorks 2017

We took delivery of SolidWorks 2017 last week and have been enjoying finding out the new features and improvements. Having the latest version of one of the most popular CAD packages allows us to work with customer data created in any version of SolidWorks giving us a competitive edge over our competitors who do not have the latest version. We are able to send customers files in many different formats….

  • Native SolidWorks formats (Part, Assembly and Drawing)
  • eDrawings, allowing clients to view and manipulate solid models, assemblies and drawings using a free viewer. We are also able to send files as *.exe allowing viewing of models, assemblies and drawings without downloading or installing additional software.
  • “Dumb Solids”. We are able to supply 3D files that can be opened by many different types of software, file formats include Parasolid, IGES, STEP and many others. These file formats are particularly useful for importing into CAM software for creating complex CNC cutting paths.
  • Files for 3D printing, We are able to output all of our 3D designs in STL, OBJ and other formats compatible with many types of 3D printers.
  • Drawing files in PDF format for easy storage and printing or DXF format for generating simple 2D tool paths.


We are in the process of setting up our new hardware. We will be using high-end mobile workstations with the fastest available i7 processor, maximum RAM and top-spec graphics card, all certified to work seamlessly with SolidWorks. This hardware gives us the ability to work anywhere, allowing us to take designs to our customers so we can discuss them and make changes in real-time.


Everyone knows the importance of networking, but we have been working hard to let as many people as possible aware of White Horse CAD Limited and the services we offer. We have been using social media to grow our online presence and attended a number of breakfast events.

Our first event was with i2i in Westbury. This was a really well-run local networking event and the full English was really good. We found everyone at i2i to be friendly and approachable and made some really good contacts, I can really see the value in being part of a local networking group, not only did we meet prospective clients but we found some local suppliers for services we may need in the future.

Our second event was with 4Networking, a much larger organisation, but with a local feel. We went to the Frome meeting which was really well run and again the full English breakfast was amazing. the 4Network really appeals to us, you pay a low-cost set fee and then pay a set amount for each event you attend, with the bonus that you can attend ANY 4N event across the country, allowing you to target areas and markets.

We are still making decisions on which networking group to become a part of but at this time…. it’s looking like both i2i and 4N, which are similar but VERY different.

We have also done some old-fashioned door knocking… Well, visiting local companies who may be interested in our services and let them know what we can do. We found a few potential clients, so it just goes to show the old methods still give results.


Sometimes we all need a few pointers to help us make the right decisions. This is even more important when you are starting a new venture and feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole process of starting and owning a company. Thankfully help is available, White Horse CAD has secured a grant for 12 hours of training to help us build and grow the business. Cool Ventures SME Growth Programme is giving us access to 3 courses to help us grow and learn some of the fundamentals of owning and running a business.


So here we are, White Horse CAD is fully operational, and we have all the tools we need to deliver design and project management services to all of our current and future clients. We are enjoying the challenges we face and growing daily, both professionally and physically…. As much as we love a full English breakfast and enjoy meeting new people… All these networking events can’t be good for the waist.








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