Over the past few weeks our new domain services partners (Stellasoft) have made some fundamental changes to the White Horse CAD website and email services. We think the changes were long overdue and hopefully you like them.

The biggest change of all will impact every user of the website. But hopefully most visitors wont even realise we made some massive changes and improvements. The website is now hosted on a different server and we have removed some of the old functionality that was not used very often but was slowing the website down more than we realised. Before the server move and updates WhiteHorseCAD.com took between 13-18 seconds to load. We have not yet finished the optimisation process, but Stellasoft in Frome have already reduced the page load time to less than 1.8 seconds. A massive improvement.

We have also been making some tweaks and changes to how the website looks and feels. The home page has had an refresh, hopefully it tells our visitors a lot more about who White Horse CAD are and what services we offer.

The final change has been the introduction of project specific contact forms. these new forms are designed to help us understand our clients requirements  better.  Our new contact forms now have 2 pages. The first page allows us to get to know you a little better and tell us about the type of project you would like to discuss. On the second page of the contact form you can tell us a little more about your requirements. When you hit then send button you will reach a new landing page and receive an email confirmation that you message has been sent.

We would like to thank Simon from Stellasoft in Frome for making the server transitions as painless as possible with virtually ZERO down time for the website and email services.

If you would like to be one of the first to try out our NEW Project Contact Form it can be found by clicking….


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