What makes White Horse CAD stand out from the competition?

White Horse CAD is a fusion of manufacturing, design and testing expertise that delivers high quality, innovative designs for new products that can be manufactured cost-effectively.Tim Bird: Managing Director White Horse CAD

White Horse CAD stand out from the competition

We have a wealth of expertise and unique capabilities. That’s what makes White Horse CAD stand out from the competition. When you’re looking for Product Design or CAD service you need to work with people who can deliver on their promises and who understand the entire product development cycle.

White Horse CAD do so much more than just design products! We have a unique skill set that helps our clients get their products to market… Quickly! To us, Product Design is more than turning a great idea into a series of CAD files and 2D drawings.

Product Design is an ever-evolving process that starts with a concept and only ends when a product is taken out of the marketplace. Tim Bird: Managing Director White Horse CAD

We approach product design from all angles…

For many people product design is just the process of creating the design for a new gadget or consumer product. But for White Horse CAD that is only part of the equation. We work with our clients to look at the whole design process. from concept through to protecting Intellectual Property (IP). We also include manufacturing advice, materials advice, testing advice and much, much more.

What good is a design for a new product if there are no manufacturing partners to make it?

What good is a design for a new product if the chosen materials are not suitable for the intended use?

What good is a design for a new product if the intellectual property is not protected and your competitors steal your ideas?

What good is there in releasing a product to market without considering all of the regulatory and verification requirements such as CE marks, British Standards, International Standards?

What good is a design for a new product if it cant be made cost effectively?

Our strategic partners help our clients with all the aspects of product design that are outside of our area of expertise. If we do not have a particular skill required to fulfil the project brief we will do everything we can to find a new strategic partner in that area.

We have trusted partners and contacts in MANY areas including…

  • Intellectual Property
  • Injection Moulding
  • Laser Cutting
  • Fabrication & Welding
  • CNC Machining
  • Tool Making
  • Packaging
  • Testing
  • PCB design
  • and many many more.

We also have nearly 2 decades of hands-on engineering/manufacturing expertise in diverse areas such as Tool Making, CNC production, Sheet Metal, Welding & Fabrication. This sits alongside our expertise in designing products for injection moulding, 3D printing, Laser Cutting and many other processes.

We have been using our chosen design software (SolidWorks) for more than 20 years. During this time we have developed workflows and strategies that help us create robust, effective designs quickly and cost-effectively.

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