Are you losing clients because your design projects are running behind schedule? Did you know in companies large and small, over 70% of product design projects are delayed due to a lack of resources? Do you need to take the pressure off your design team?

As the pressure on your design team builds, decisions have to be made to delay or even cancel projects. Often these delays are caused by dropping lower priority projects in favour of higher priority projects. Sometimes production support issues take priority over new product development. These delays can stop you from being first to market and may also stop you from increasing your market share. Putting even more pressure on your design and development team to produce more work in less time. 

What are your problems?

  • You need more resources, but you do not want to commit to taking on more staff!
  • You need your projects to be delivered, but your design team is being pulled in all directions, projects, marketing, production support etc!
  • Overtime costs can spiral out of control and if it continues for a long time staff start to count it as their normal salary, causing dissatisfaction when overtime is cut!

How can White Horse CAD help?

White Horse CAD can take the pressure off of your design team because we have experience in a wide variety of industries and can support your team with the following services…

  • Design Support.
  • Production Support.
  • CAD Support.
  • Engineering Drawings.
  • Design For Manufacture support.
  • 3D Printing (FDM).

We are flexible, reliable, and happy to get involved in projects of all sizes, from a few hours to many months. 

Would you like more information?

If you would like to know more about how White Horse CAD’s design services can help you take the pressure off your team please contact us using the online form or call 01373 801803.