Mount Realisation

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Mount Realisation

Completing your journey to Mount Realisation


You have probably arrived here after a journey along the The Iterative Highway. If this is your first visit here, you may want to start your journey at The Hill of Hope.

If you have already been through The Iterative Highway then you are probably ready to start thinking about getting your new product manufactured.

White Horse CAD have over 30 years hands-on design and manufacturing experience; so we can help you get your idea from early concept through to final product including manufacturing advice and fixture design. Over the years we have built relationships with manufacturing partners from many different industries. Giving us strong links into injection moulding, electronics, sheet metal, Precision Engineering, finishing, packaging and many other industries.

Let’s have a FREE chat….

 The final section of you product design journey is to get the new product into manufacturing and then into the market place. We are happy to start this journey with you at any stage, so no matter what part of this journey you have joined us for, we are happy to have a no obligation chat about your helping you specify your manufacturing requirements.

Ending on a high…

The final path to the top of Mount Realisation can often seem like the longest part of the journey, it’s tempting to skip ahead without taking too much notice of your surroundings. But White Horse CAD will help keep you focused on not only getting to the end of the journey but getting there with all of your resources in place so you can sit back and enjoy the stunning vista from the top of Mount Realisation.

There are often a few routes to the top. Some will be straight forward paths but there may be the occasional twist and turn along the way. We will use our extensive manufacturing experience to help our clients plan their manufacturing route. If your journey requires any specialist tooling, fixtures or other equipment, White Horse CAD can help you get those designed, specified and in place.

Is this the end of the road?

White Horse CAD does not stop supporting our clients when the project is finished. We continue the journey with our clients. For many, the trip from The Hill of Hope, along The Iterative Highway and onto Mount Realisation. Is just the beginning.

We are happy for you to start your journey at any point, so no matter where you need product design support, you can rely on White Horse CAD to guide your journey.

Please contact us using the form below. Let us know if you would like us to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before telling us any confidential information regarding your project. But if you are happy to get straight down to detail please let us know the following…

  • Briefly Describe your Idea
  • How advance is your proof of concept?
  • Do you foresee any technical challenges with your project?
  • What if your current end goal for this project?
    • Market Ready
    • Demonstration Model
    • Technical/Design Advice only
  • Any Other Questions

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know more about how White Horse CAD can help you with your next project please contact us using the form below or on our Contact Page.

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