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For this week’s blog, our inspiration is the Large Hadron Collider. Some people said it would cause a massive hole that would destroy the earth. However, 13 years on, no such thing has happened.

From a product development perspective, fear of the unknown or fear of failure is the most significant barrier. However, here at White Horse CAD, we are firm believers in “if you don’t try, you will never know.”

Rest assured, we don’t say this lightly.

We are experts with over thirty years of experience in mechanical design. This gives us a confident ability to explore initial ideas. We work directly with clients to guide them through the design process and achieve manufacturing-ready designs. If needed, WHC can also provide trusted manufacturing contacts to get your product to market. Regular communication and meeting deadlines are also crucial to our success.

Working over the past few months has confirmed locality isn’t an issue. The latest design software enables us to work with clients across the UK. We’ve also been enjoying in-person meetings, including at our office in Westbury. Getting on-site helps to get a feel for our client’s business. And seeing their setup, too helps to understand their design needs.

To learn more about the design process, look at the two-minute video on our website.

Other benefits of working with us include, we are:

  • known for our innovative and inventive design solutions, with our name on six patents
  • cost-effective with prices from £45 + VAT per hour and minute billing
  • fully equipped with our office software and printers, which can be a precious time and money-saving.

If you’re experiencing design barriers, please get in touch. Let’s start a conversation to see how we can overcome and get a product you’re happy with.

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