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How we can help Engineers

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If you own or manage a small to medium sized engineering company with CNC capacity. You will be all to familiar with receiving 2D Drawings of complex parts without having access to the 3D data that would make programming your CNC machines simpler.


2D to 3D conversion
White Horse CAD can transfer complex 2D drawings into 3D CAD data that can be read by virtually every CNC post processor on the planet. We can even create the model at which ever side of the tolerance band you prefer… 
Rigs & Fixtures
Designing bespoke tools, jigs or fixtures can increase profitability and reduce scrap? Can your production line be streamlined or automated? We can help with everything from workshop jigs, specialist tools and fixtures through to assembly fixtures and automation.

These are just some of the ways White Horse CAD can help small to medium sized engineering companies. If you would like to know more please send us an email or give us a call.

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