Photo by Gaius Cornelius

For this weeks Fun Fact Fact we head back to 1452. A Hungarian engineer, known as Orban, offered to sell a mighty cannon to the Roman Emperor. He refused, so Orban instead sold the cannon to the Ottoman emperor, who used it to breach the walls of Constantinople in 1453. This brought the end to the Roman Empire.

Why this fact? Well, two reasons. Firstly, delving into the engineering side of things. A screw mechanism made the cannon a game-changer by allowing easier transportation. This will have evolved, but, the need to design parts to improve functionality and performance remains. Our experience of providing solutions includes test rigs and fixtures, inspection equipment and medical devices to name but a few. Not cannons, but we’ve definitely worked on some screws too!

Secondly, it seems a lack of materials and funds resulted in the Romans turning down the cannon. Even now, these two things can be major influencers on projects. With this in mind, it’s been great to have been recommended for new work this month. As always I’m enjoying the variety of enquiries received and pleased others find us to be effective.

Alongside some longer projects, we’ve recently completed some quick turnaround jobs too. Having versions of SolidWorks 2014 onwards to hand really comes into its own for these kinds of jobs. Being able to provide compatibility between ours and the client’s systems is a real time saver. The level of detail we use to create the drawings is impressive, and software advances make it even more intuitive for all to use. Please take a look at the software in action on our website. A ‘Thank you’ to those who have put us forward for new opportunities.


As we approach the end of the month, it’s been a good start to the year on the work front. Following the unexpected (and welcomed) snow at the beginning of the week, I ventured over to the office for a photoshoot. As the saying goes “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and I think this case with some of what we do. I’m keen to capture and share some of the work we do, equipment used and the services we provide. The shoot was a great start.

With some hints of the white stuff still around, Heywood House looked very picturesque. I look forward to being at the office full time again when restrictions are eased. We’ll use the images on our website and social media, so please keep an eye out and let us know what you think. We hope to inspire your next project as well as showcase what we do. Please get in touch to find out more.

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