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It’s a busy week here of catch up following an enjoyable holiday on the coast. It’s great to recharge and enjoy the sunshine. Fortunately, we had air conditioning which got me thinking about the origins of what felt like a necessity in last weeks heat!


Do you know the first air conditioning method dates back to the early 19th century in India? Wet grass mats were hung over windows where they cooled incoming air by evaporation. American Willis Carrier then invented the ‘dew point control’ and from then designs have evolved to create the modern air conditioning units we’re familiar with today. But is there scope to develop such units further? By reviewing designs, are there improvements or could production be more cost-effective? These are questions we are familiar with and are relevant to all products we work on. In this example our expertise could help to design protective casing for components or wiring or analysis materials to find cost-effective alternatives.


Or perhaps rather than upgrading or reworking an existing product, you have an idea for a new product? Either way, we are here to help make this a reality. With over 30 years mechanical design experience, we are used to receiving initial ideas in all shapes and forms. Even a rough sketch can be a great starting point to explore the form and the function behind the idea. You can see more about our design process on our website and of course we always welcome a call to discuss ideas further so please get in touch – 01373 801 803. As restrictions continue to ease, we’re happy to host meetings at our office in Westbury or to visit you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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