3D render of a heart shape speaker

Although we live in a 3D world many people find it difficult to visualise 2D data into 3D space. Having a hand-drawn sketch of a concept design or new product helps to portray the basic design intent. But having a 3D model allows you to demonstrate every aspect of the product to partners and decision makers.

This conceptual wireless speaker enclosure demonstrates the effectiveness of 3D visualisation. From a relatively simple CAD model we can start to see the new product emerge. As with all of our designs this concept is created with manufacturing in mind. In this instance, we are considering injection moulding the product. So with that in mind, we built the model to ensure there is sufficient “draft” to allow easy release from tooling.

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White Horse CAD Limited consider the manufacturability of your new product from the beginning. Using this speaker design as an example, the complex shape of this product requires the use of advanced modelling techniques. Techniques include surface lofts and sweeps as well as fill patterns and Boolean functions.

Adding the requirement for injection moulding with a split line at the interface between the two coloured halves increases the design complexity. This is because we have to consider release from the mould tool as well as the form of the component. We also have to consider the manufacturability of the tooling, so need to be mindful of the limitations of the common processes used in injection tooling manufacture.

We could have created a similar designed product that has a similar external profile with no thought on how the component would be manufactured. It would have taken 2 or 3 hours or so of the total concept design time. But excluding manufacturing from the design process increases the chances that the component will need to be fully remodelled at a later date.

We strongly believe that no design should be conceptualised without a manufacturing process in mind. However, we also fully understand that sometimes getting a few concepts down as visual aids is more important than manufacturability. Especially at the early stage of a project. Whichever you prefer, White Horse CAD can help you take your new product idea from initial concept through to full engineering drawings for manufacturing.

To find out how White Horse CAD can help with your new product development, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.