Client:                   In-House Project
Project:                 Premium Consumer Product

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Create a design of a premium consumer product that demonstrates the services White Horse CAD provides and can be used as a digital asset for the website.

How we helped

White Horse CAD created a series of part-level and assembly-level CAD files for the theoretical premium consumer product to demonstrate our expertise in product design and manufacturing. We then created a complete manufacturing pack that included

  • Engineering Drawing (PDF Files)
  • 3D Manufacturing Data (STEP Files)
  • 2D Manufacturing Data (DXF Files)

The project’s next stage was to create conceptual packaging that shows how the product may be presented to the end user. As part of this, we also created a series of renders showing the customer experience with the unboxing.

  • Manufacturing Data
    • Drawings
    • 3D Files
    • 2D Data
  • Visualisation
    • Renders of the final product
    • Renders of the final product and its packaging

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