Client:                   Badnams Limited
Project:                 Reverse Engineered Generator Enclosure

Reverse Engineered Generator

Render of Reverse Engineered Generator

Customer Requirements

Badnams Ltd asked us to create CAD data for a legacy product they could share with a potential client.

How we helped

White Horse CAD created a series of part level CAD files, a top-level assembly and drawing from a supplied product. We made the CAD data using measurements taken from a supplied product. This data was used to create a series of 3D models.

We use advanced surface modeling techniques to recreate the often complex geometry. The supplier CAD data, where possible, for the components on the front panel.

  • 3D CAD data of the assembled product
    • STEP and Parasolid formats
  • Top-level engineering drawing of the assembly with key dimensions
Badnams Testimonial

‘Tim was a great find. He’s local, professional and adaptable. He produced work of an extremely high quality in a short space of time.

Because he has a background in engineering, it was easy to explain what we needed and great to work with someone who understood what we were saying.

Our customers were highly appreciative of the information contained in Tim’s highly detailed CAD drawing of our machine and from that were able to design their unit to incorporate ours successfully.

We can’t recommend Tim highly enough.’

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