White Horse CAD work with a lot of artisans and makers. Turning their sketches and drawings into CAD files for processes such as laser cutting or water jet cutting.

This is one of the core services we offer artisans and makers. This is also where we can use our expertise in manufacturing to improve designs and correct common mistakes, without adding cost.

Our clients are often surprised to learn that it is quicker and more cost effective to create a 3D CAD model and then generate 2D DXF files, than it is to create a standalone 2D file.

Taking this sketch boxed as an example… The maker had an idea for the basic design for a flat pack box that they wanted to have laser cut.However they were not sure if they wanted to make the box out of 3mm of 6mm wood or plastic.

We created a single CAD file that demonstrated all of the options in a number of materials…

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When we showed the client the screen shots of their design they asked if they could see what the design looked like with a simple lid… Because we built a robust, parametric CAD file, adding a simple lid took very little time.

Artisans and Makers Fixed Price Guarantee

White Horse CAD understand that many artisans and makers work on tight budgets. This is why we offer them our Artisans and Makers Fixed Price Guarantee…

Artisans and Makers Fixed Price Guarantee

The quote we give will be the maximum we will invoice (assuming there is no change of project scope). If we can create the required CAD data quicker than we expected, we GUARANTEE to pass this saving onto the client in their closing invoice.

For example we quoted  2 hours to create the CAD files for this Box. We spent around 1.25 hours creating the 3D CAD file, screen shots and DXF files for the original scope of the project. The client then changed the scope of the project by asking for a lid to be added. As the change was relatively very small and there was still some time left in the original quotation, there was no need to increase the cost to the client… In this instance the total time to produce 3D CAD and 2D DXF files for both 3mm and 6mm material options with a lid took 1.5 hours, we passed on the 0.5 of an hour saving to our client…

50% (1 hour) invoiced before starting the project, with the remainder (0.5 hours) invoiced on completion

But what happens if the scope change requires extra work?

If the scope change had been more involved, such as requesting hinges, a re-design of the corner joints or full engineering drawings of the final product, we would have informed the client this was outside of the original agreed scope and would need to quote for those additional items separately.

New Clients Terms of Business

For NEW clients White Horse CAD invoice 50% of the quotation for payment before we make a start on the project. The remaining amount, including any savings, will be invoiced (due on receipt) once the project is completed.

Is this offer open to all of our clients?

The quick answer to that, is no… The Artisans and Makers Fixed Price Guarantee option is only available to Artisans, Makers, Crafters and Entrepreneurs/Individuals…

If you would like to know more about or service please contact us.

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